Developer’s Guide

Building the Jobson jar for development requires maven and jdk (8+). For example:

apt install maven openjdk-8-jdk
mvn package

Building an entire release (packages, documentation, etc.) additionally requires ruby and bundler, along with some gems. For example:

apt install maven openjdk-8-jdk ruby ruby-bundler
gem install fpm

mvn package -P release

See .travis.yml for a “clean” build example.

Jobson UI is developed with node (v6.11.4+) and npm.

To build a release of Jobson UI from source, which writes the built assets to public/:

npm install
npm run build

To run a development server, which dynamically updates as the source code is edited (best development experience):

npm install
npm run start

Note: This assumes an actual Jobson server is running at localhost:8080.